The Sloe Ruin

by The Sloe Ruin

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released June 2, 2015



all rights reserved


The Sloe Ruin Adelaide, Australia

After travelling through dive bars across the USA, singer songwriter, Hana Brenecki found the inspiration behind the story that is, The Sloe Ruin.
The Sloe Ruin is a culmination of a couple cowgirls, a cowboy, a swing dancer and two jackaroos and their collective love of all things country. With six members (and counting) their sound blends that old country soul with some new country swag.
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Track Name: Fool For You
You walk in the door it swings wide
You stumble over yourself and you break your stride
Oh there's a bottle in your hand in a brown paper bag
You're a dirtbag drunk and you're my man

You came home so late last night honey
Wouldn't tell me where you been spendin all my money
Oh there's whiskey on your words that spiral down
You're my woman and i'll keep you around

I'll be there, in the mornin i'll be there
Say you're prayers cos you're gonna need em
When i come right back to you

I'll be waiting this old heart will see the night through
And i'm just a fool for you
You'll be there down and out and born to lose
Help me now i'm just a fool for you

You think you can say those three and win me right back
You slur your words and tiptoe like you're under attack
Oh you pull up in your pickup truck as you begin to shout
I'll pull on my boots so i can kick you out

Well i'll leave the door unlocked so you know you can walk back in
Like a broken record baby you're under my skin
Well you can kick me round you can treat me like a dog
The love i have for you is always strong
Track Name: Don't Call My Name
Hangin up above there's a weight over me
Slowly swaying side to side
Footsteps behind me a howl on the breeze
Shot by a magnum in disguise

Well let's go down to the place where it broke you in two
Go down to the place that now haunts you
Your name is engraved on the oak that once grew
And the pain of the words that seem to misconstrue
It goes on and on, take what you want
Don't call my name
Nowhere to hold on so turn and run
Don't call my name

The rope is thinning so very slowly
Threads releasing one by one
It all turns red you can't find the key
In it's place you find a gun

It cannot be seen what lurks in me
I seethe at the thought of purest of beings
So take what you want and take all of me
Track Name: Lover
The lies you spin tangle me in
Oh made me fall for your sin
I aint someone to ignore, hurt me I'm wanting you more
String me along lead the way
Your hand is startin to fade
All the while we stay the same

The doubt you show i can't explain what i wanna know
Old mistakes are the same
Trapped in your arms I'm in this room
I'll come back to you

As i repair a means to an end
I want a lover not another friend
Won't you be my man
Head in my hands
If you're the one and only I'll be lonely again

Under your spell under attack
Weapons for words ricochet back
Say you will i know that you wont
Keep me around for hope
Will i be worse will i be fine
You aint worth a dime
All the while we stay the same

So save up all your lied
It aint worth the fight
I hold on for you at my door
You got me by the wayside
Track Name: I Lied
I try to sever ties but i'm crawling back
You like never to hear with your head in the sand you cry
The lights wont shine on me my spine tangled in sheets
I hold the cards through the bars you don't see me

I lied when i said it wasn't about you
It's always about you

I'm done as i slowly drown in the water poured down my throat
You've won i hate you i wanna hurt you for you to know
You've got a desolate mind pining for something real
My arms grow weak pulling you from your wasted skin

You're blind to the version of me I'll never mend
Now broken I'll never repair i have all to bear it's the end
Track Name: Moving To Glasgow
I met him in Portland strong tall and lean
He asked for a fire and invited me in
I followed the steps to his room
Maybe this is all too soon
He leaned in close his hand touched my cheek
Now I'm moving to Portland next week

I met him in Nashville drowning in gin
A honky tonk man with a licence to sin
I heard his boots tapping in time
That dixie fried accent a crime
He tipped his hat to me I drifted away
I guess I'm moving to Nashville today

Oh lord please i think I'm not well
I aint goin home you aint alone i'm under your spell
So tell me you'll be my man
And this aint just an old one night stand
I'm not sure of your name but i know i'll stay for you

I met him in Dublin green eyes and black hair
He pulled me a Guiness then he waved the fare
His warm words had me up in arms
I fell for those old Irish charms
He said to me 'darlin how long are you here?'
Well I'm moving to Dublin next year

I met him in Glasgow in a dirty dive bar
He poured out his heart as he strummed the guitar
And i melted right into his hands
Though words i could not understand
He handed me whiskey and sang me a tune
Now I'm moving to Glasgow in June

Oh lord please i think I'm not well
I aint goin home you aint alone i'm under your spell
So tell me you'll be my man
And this aint just an old one night stand
I'm not sure of your name but i know i'll stay for you
Maybe it's fate to leave my home town and start new
And i'll be on a plane moving to Glasgow in June
Track Name: Aviation
I've paid the slavers and I've whipped the lash
In hot sugar cane fields I caught up with my past
So i journeyed longer with my crown of thorns
Than care to mention trade em in for a pair of horns

So pretty darlin put that red dress on
Pack up that purse cos we'll be out all night long

It's called aviation, there's no demonstration
Just take the occasion, take a leap into the strange
Got weak in the knees, puked up in the sink
Went home for a snooze, woke up in time for a drink

Pretty darling put them high heels on
Pack up that purse cause we'll be out all night long

So get your aviation
It's the new sensation
But it just might cost you everything that you think you have
Dog on the verandah, chooks in the backyards
Seeds have been planted, winter's closing in from afar...

Pretty darlin snuggle up in my arms
Winters chill won't keep us still we'll keep it up
All night long